Located at the extremity of the Sirmione peninsula, a place rich in history and splendour, a prestigious villa was built following the demolition of a 1970s building. The location, well-known to the ancient Romans for the presence of Catullus’ villa, today attracting tourists from all over the world, was the ideal spot where to construct an important building, appointed to welcome the ownership’s many international guests. Having to maintain the land base and volume of the original building, the focus has been placed on highlighting the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, sublimating the view surrounding the villa. Impressive pillars support the large terrace embracing the villa on three sides, creating a large porch on the ground floor that projects the indoor space towards the outside, thanks to the lake view as well as the presence of a vast 7,000 sq. m park. More than 20,000 trees surround the 800 m long paved footpath, dotted with several view points defined by treillages, gazebos and painted iron pergolas, among them palm trees, olive trees, maritime pines, different kinds of shrubs of all shapes and colours, as well as climbers and herbs, all well-suited to the local weather. This spectacular and idyllic corner, including an early fruit and vegetable garden that well represents the bucolic spirit of the location, conveys the planning intention of building a prestigious villa fully respecting the unique context where it is located.

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