A vast rural area of about 170 ha in the Romanian region of Arad is the setting for a project involving a large golf course around which a new urban site with public areas, hotels and residential spaces will become a new neighbourhood in the Country.  The intervention includes a new housing development covering a residential area of 290,000 sq. m, offering three different types of buildings: luxury villas in the park, courtyard houses and apartment houses, plus 23,000 sq. m of commercial space, 3,800 sq. m of public areas and a 5 star luxury hotel occupying 15,000 sq. m.

The plan is for a sustainable urban village, capable of answering all the requirements of modern living, set in green surroundings and offering adequate space and facilities, thus creating a connection among the psychophysical well-being of its inhabitants, healthiness of the built environment and maximum enjoyment of space and services on behalf residents and guests of the golf club and hotel alike.

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