Complete renovation of a building located on the hills of Lake Garda , and project to a winter garden . The building is surrounded by a park on which action was taken radically while respecting the native flora species .The project also included the use of the most sophisticated technology in the field of energy consumption through the use of alternative energy sources ( solar and geothermal ) that is managed by a sophisticated system of last generation.The interior design in accordance with the wishes of the client, maintains elegant simplicity consistent with the intended simplicity of the architectural forms of the building and surrounding rural environment .

villa-i-gelsi-1 villa-i-gelsi-15a villa-i-gelsi-16a villa-i-gelsi-17a villa-i-gelsi-18a villa-i-gelsi-19a villa-i-gelsi-21a villa-i-gelsi-22a villa-i-gelsi-23a villa-i-gelsi-24a